Marvel Help the FF, please!

I recently saw the Fantastic Four (2015) and I think it’s time that Marvel get back the rights from 20th Century Fox. It’s very clear they don’t know what the FF are all about. Now I’m not the type of fan boy that knows every single detail of my fav comics but I do know the overall structure and character lines. Two titles I read the most growing up were the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. Funny, how they can find the right people to bring the X-Men to life (except for The Last Stand…fucking Brett Ratner) but seems to just hobble the ball on the Fantastic Four.

Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four 2015Back to the movie, this version seems to have been influenced by the Ultimate series (which I’ve not read…I know more of the original series).  The overall tone of this movie is gloomy, dark, boring and unfunny. At no time did I feel these four were a team of heroes nor feel that Victor Von Doom was a villain. I just couldn’t get into these teens getting these tremendous powers and becoming Earth’s protectors. Dr. Doom was a mess—not intimidating, not threatening and the make-up looked horrendous liked a melted collectable. The FF were funny, made mistakes, were super smart but regular people. These cats were some hollow millennials who lacked energy, emotion and believability. The story had too many holes for me, didn’t connect from start to end and did not gave the moviegoer any reason to root for the them. For all the negative pre-release buzz, the movie didn’t disappoint.

Seeing the ethnicity switch of Johnny and Sue bothered me at first before seeing the movie because I felt it was just for the sake of getting some A+ talent and being progressive. After seeing it on screen, it would have played better if Kate Mara and Micheal B. Jordan had any sibling chemistry. There wasn’t and the adoption explanation just was too paper thin. To that matter, there was no chemistry period with the cast.

I saw the first two Fantastic Four movies and while they weren’t the greatest, I certainly didn’t feel they were terrible as some fans do. Granted they were a bit on the cartoony side but at least they had humor, the cast seemed to have a decent amount of chemistry, Chris Evans definitely was Johnny Storm (and we got Captain America) and Dr. Doom looked and acted mostly like Doom from the comics. In the second, Silver Surfer looked awesome and Laurence Fishburne was the perfect voice. Now, I didn’t like Galactus but wasn’t sure how they could have done it without it looking stupid. These two prior movies had more of the Fantastic Four DNA than this remake.

As a fan boy, I’m so fucking psyched to see many of the characters I grew up on make it to the big screen (and small screen as I have to shout out DC’s Arrow and The Flash as they are killing the small screen). But I am afraid of the Hollywood churn cycle where they overload us with one genre just all for making that mighty dollar. Too much saturation dilutes the core product as Paramount did with Star Trek (fucking bastards) and I really don’t want to see that with comic films.

For the sake of the getting a truly well done Fantastic Four movie (and possible crossover film with the X-Men), Marvel needs to get the rights back—similar to what has happened with Sony and Spiderman. Marvel is the FF’s birthplace and they have truly done a great job as evidenced by two titles that I didn’t think would work commercially—Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man.

Only Marvel can do it, so please—Marvel, get back your cosmic team.


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