Horror Never Looked So Good

While on family vacation this week, my son was telling me about the gameplay of Until Dawn. I asked how that can be since the game wasn’t coming out until October. He told no, that it was out already and he was looking at gameplay on You Tube. I just knew it was slated to come out in October so I checked on my phone, and sure enough, the game came out this past Tuesday.


Didn’t I feel stupid—I have no idea why I thought it was coming out in October. Maybe it was one of those subliminal connections I was making with Halloween and the game. Once we got back, I hustled over to Gamestop to grab me a copy. Decided against a direct download as I read many players were having issues with it on the PS4 and Sony didn’t have a timetable for fixing it. Buying the game happened on Friday and by 4am Saturday morning, I completed the game—at least one potential ending. That’s the first time I’ve finished a game from purchase to completion in one setting. Hoorah!

Until Dawn is a beautiful looking game. The motion captures of the actors—Hayden Panettiere, Brett Dalton, Rami Malek, Peter Stormare (some of the more well-known names), Jordan Fisher, Ella Lentini, Meaghan Martin, Galadriel Stineman, Nichole Bloom and Larry Fessenden—are so spot on that you would say your looking at live action. The environmental lighting is exquisite only adding to the dramatic tension in the scenes. The score is beautifully haunting and feeds into the setups of frights that come your way in the game. Now, I found the game not overly scary but saying that though, you will jump at various points throughout the game. There isn’t a tremendous amount of gameplay going on and it’s really restricted to just following some button prompts and directing your character(s) with the thumbsticks, but the beauty and joy of the game is really seeing how your character choices moves the storyline and the affects it has on everyone including the playing character similar in concept as in the movie, The Butterfly Effect.

I didn’t find all the collectibles and totems but you can replay the game at any of the previous episodes (that’s what the missions are called in this game), the only caveat is that you have to replay the entire game from that point on. Until Dawn is nothing new on the horror front as it throws in snippets of pretty much any horror flick you’ve seen but it’s done in a cool, fun way. I started replaying and I’m so curious to see how my new choices will affect the ending—and my character’s life.

signed comics by larry fessendenA side note, I met Larry Fessenden (he plays Flamethrower Man in the game) at NYC Comic-Con 2011 and he signed copies of the two comics he did work on, The Last Winter and I Sell The Dead. Funny how in 2015, I’d be playing a game that he not only stars in and but co-wrote.

A small world is comics and games—a truly small world.


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