Dark Beauty


That’s my fanboy scream as I just finished the first season of Jessica Jones. Holy fuckin’ shit, it was so freaking fantastic. I can’t emphasize that enough. Well cast, great dialogue, respectful homage to the source material and was smartly executed. Another winner in the Netflix/Marvel universe that leaves me wanting more and more.

When Jessica Jones was first announced, I had only heard of the title but never read it. So I went out and bought the Max Imprint novels Volume 1 and 2 (still have to get volume 3 and 4 as they didn’t have at the comic shop) to read the source before seeing the series. Really liked the basis of the story of a someone who has powers but not sure if they are cut out to be a ‘superhero’. Jessica’s self-doubt, flaws and emotional fragility was captivating in seeing the flip side of a hero.

Daredevil set the bar high so my expectations for this show, as well as Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders, is to be equal to it at a minimum. Well, shit, Jessica Jones surpassed my expectations. At first, I was iffy when Krysten Ritter was cast because I had only seen her in the comedy, Don’t Trust the B**tch in Apt. 23, which was sorta stupid in my opinion, no offense to Ms. Ritter. But she slays it here and I have a totally new found respect for her skills. She become Jessica Jones on screen and I loved her chemistry with Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and the rest of the cast. Just as I empathized for Jessica in the comics, I did so even more seeing the series. Man, she just couldn’t catch a break. You could feel here isolation, her despair and her fiery hatred for Kilgrave (David Tennant).

Speaking of the character Kilgrave, David Tennant was terrifying! His performance was jaw dropping and gave the best villain performance in all the Marvel films to date. God, I was sweating every time he appeared on screen because can you imagine a being like that in reality. Fuck, oh my god!

The final episode was brilliant and heart stopping every minute. It was a grand conclusion to the series and once again proved just how dominant Marvel has been in bringing their characters to both the small and big screens without losing the integrity of the character personalities or insulting its fans.

The only bad thing now is since I’ve finished Jessica Jones, I have a long wait until sometime in 2016 for season two of Daredevil (with The Punisher) and May 6, 2016 for Captain America: Civil War (did you see THAT trailer—AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!).

Is it 2016 yet?


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