Daddy needs to express some rage.

Can I just say I’m seriously man-crushing Ryan Reynolds?

Deadpool was such an epic film event. By far this has been the most spot on comic characterization I’ve seen on the screen in a while. It had the personality, the style and the humor of the character known as Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. I’ve known about Deadpool as a Marvel fan but I never read his story religiously. An issue here, a series here, a collaboration there is how I basically learned about the “merc with the mouth.” Wade is funny as shit and just plain psychotic but in a good way. Add the fact that he can’t die absolutely drove his adversaries to frustrated heights.

We got our first glimpse of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but it was this good awful bastard child of many mutant powers that bordered on blasphemy. Ironic that Ryan Reynolds was the actor in that role. In the standalone film, Ryan turns in brilliance. Ryan Reynolds is Wade Winston Wilson. This film was created for the fans—not some studio head. The loving touches you felt in the telling of Wade’s story, the subtle jokes about himself (Ryan) as a celebrity and in prior roles like Origins and Green Lantern. The connections with the X-Men comics and movies was hilarious. Even the big ass easter egg of where the climatic fight scene took place—a Helicarrier.

Great cast that helped push the tragedy and humor in the story. The circumstances of why the X-Men were there cracked me up (and finally we have a good version of Colossus minus the red and yellow tighties…the X-Men movies have not done him justice). It also gave some good setups for future movies featuring more of his girlfriend, Vanessa, who in the comics is Copycat which in itself setups up possible themes with X-Force and Cable. At the end of the movie, we get confirmation that the next film will indeed be with Cable. How cool is that? Morena Baccarin plays Vanessa and I loved that choice. But then again, I love anything with Morena Baccarin in it. OMG! Ever since Firefly as Inara Serra, she’s just been so breathtaking to me in both her beauty and her performances. BAMMMM… Sorry, I just fainted.

Overall, Deadpool was a great mix of excellent story writing, commanding performances, great SFX, lively humor and drama neatly wrapped in this exquisite package of a film. I would nominate for an Oscar as Best Picture but that pompous, conceited academy doesn’t recognize films like this as serious work. Their ignorance is just so unbelievable. I’m glad it did gang busters at the box office. Just a note though, most folks get it wrong thinking this is the first R-rated superhero flick—that title belongs to Blade from New Line Cinema back in 1998 when Marvel publishing sold several character licenses to keep the comic business afloat.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next Deadpool flick. Bravo, Mr. Reynolds, bravo.


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