Ha! HA! Ha! I Don’t Think So…

Man, I don’t even know how to start this post. Even though I’m Team Marvel, there’s no way I want to see the DCU fail. It’s comics man!

What is the DCU thinking though? You can’t expect to achieve at Marvel’s success right out the gate. They had eight years build-up and five years to achieve a team movie, The Avengers, in 2012. It’s too obvious how hard DC is trying to jumpstart and get a Justice League franchise going—too bad it’s in such a sloppy way.

When the trailers dropped, I wasn’t too impressed. I am definitely not versed on the story of Suicide Squad but Arrow on the CW really got me curious about them—obviously I heard of them before but really just didn’t pay any mind to the franchise. Seeing the squad on Arrow though was great and worked pretty well. Watching the trailers though, I didn’t have much excitement. Things just seemed off about the film—the cast (except Margot Robbie who seemed like she could be a good Harley), the hinted storyline and the Joker. So, I went to see it opening weekend and it was telling that the theater was not as crowded as expected. Yikes!

The trailers and the film were two different animals, neither of which impressed me. The film was just a dud to me. Pretty much was what I expected—a mash-up of characters that didn’t work together, a story that makes you go ‘what the fuck? really?’, a villain more powerful than the group yet gets beaten 1-2-3 and a wasted use of the Joker. I didn’t like the casting before and seeing the result, I doubled down on my initial doubts.



Margot Robbie, Viola Davis and Jay Hernandez were the exceptions. Margot played a convincing Harley Quinn and was fun to watch on screen. Viola Davis is just EXCEPTIONAL. She made you see Amanda Waller in all her true ruthless nature. Jay Hernandez was a good cast as El Diablo but I felt he should have had more time in the film and more ferocious—he was a bit mopey. The rest were just wasted performances—Adam Beach got the short end of the stick as SlipKnot—he didn’t survive long. Guess the clue was no backstory presented like everyone else. What a fucking diss!

Let me veer off on a different point—Will Smith as Deadshot. Now I didn’t think he was the right cast for Deadshot but what pissed me off was the fact that he was dressed as pimp daddy in civilian clothes and his daughter was living in the projects. The fucking projects! Those huge contracts, shopping with those huge bags with his kid and she’s living poorly. Not cool at all for me and surprised Smith was okay with that.

The Joker was wasted in this film and honestly was not relevant to the film but rather seemed to be a film within a film, i.e., the Joker/Harley origin story. It was distracting but honestly, it was more interesting than the main story. I just wasn’t moved by Jared Leto’s performance as a punk-style Joker but I would like to see an origin film of Harley Quinn and Joker.



Lastly, there were cameos in the film basically as a bridge to the Justice League film coming in 2017—Batman (Ben Affleck) and the Flash (Ezra Miller). Seeing him again, I do like Ben Affleck as Batman but definitely doubling down on my dislike of Miller as the Flash. Sorry, but Grant Gustin is killing it on the CW and I only see him as the Speedster. However, these cameos just felt redundant after seeing them used similarly in Batman v Superman.

For me, the DCU just isn’t looking good right now. Man of Steel was decent but not great, Batman v Superman was a bore and confusing and Suicide Squad was a leaden dud. Wonder Woman is their next hope and is the first DCU movie that I am really excited about. Wonder Woman was one of the bright spots in BvS (Ben Affleck was the other) and her trailer gave me massive goose bumps. If that film is not great, I say the whole DCU will be dead despite Justice League coming out shortly after Wonder Woman.

We’ll wait and see.



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